Compare Nutrition Remai Each Process Method


              Powder making by freeze-drying method is to reduce the temperature of vegetables and fruits suddenly so that the ice structure inside Sublimation or extraction of water from fruits and vegetables, after that, freeze-dried vegetables and fruits are grind into powder. This method will preserve nutrients, vitamins of vegetables and fruits more than other methods. that must be heat treated, including maintaining quality, taste, color and smell


            Making powder by spray-drying, transforming vegetables and fruits into liquid first, then mixing Maltodextrin (starch) to make it easier to dissolve in water. After that using high temperature to turn liquid into fruit and vegetable powder.This method loses some nutrients and vitamins due to heat treatment.


              Making fruit and vegetable powder by hot air drying method is the use of heat to extract liquid from vegetables and fruits for a long period of time. This method is low cost, but fruits and vegetables lose their nutrients, vitamins. More than freeze-dry and spray-dry methods

Why Habuuna

Customer Benefit Come First

If anyone has read the “history” of Habuuna, you will see that Habuuna places importance on consumers. who are all diabetic Or risk causing Habuuna to select the source of fruit and vegetable powder from abroad and in Thailand. Taking into account the starch ingredients that cause diabetes, Habuna chooses to produce. 100% natural freeze dry fruit and vegetable powder. All products of Habuuna will not mix any other ingredients, so you can be assured that consumers will get the best from Habuuna.

Why Antioxidant

Delay the Deterioration of Cells in the Body.

Why our skin Why do we age faster? It all comes from our daily exposure to free monoxide from air pollution, ozone and sunlight. our skin Aging and causes cancer and blood vessels as well.

However, we can prevent the aging of our skin. with natural antioxidant substances

*Did you know our bodies? unable to produce antioxidant substance by itself, but we can receive antioxidant substance. obtained from nature and Fruits & Veggies

ALL POST Fruits & Veggies Freeze Dried Powder Benefit

Mulberry Freeze Dried Powder

ALL POST Fruits & Veggies Freeze Dried Powder Benefit

Strawberry Freeze Dried Powder Benefit

ALL POST Fruits & Veggies Freeze Dried Powder Benefit

Blueberry Freeze Dried Powder